UPDATES by madmin - 2019-12-06 01:38:00 UTC3

Hey guys,

There's been a lot of advertising on /a/ recently. To help prevent that, I've finally added sage comments. This allows users to semi-moderate the boards to keep the quality posts on top. If you see a thread that is clearly advertising, please reply to it and type "sage" in the [Options] field. It removes that thread from the board.

Please remember that sage comments are not downvotes. They're entirely for removing low-quality or spammy posts.

Don't let the power get to your head. Abuse of the system may result in a ban.

Moving on, new stylesheets have been added. I started with adding a terminal-based style to serve as a "dark mode," which I had been planning for a while. Then I added the classic Futaba and Burichan styles. You can select one at the bottom of any one of the boards.

Lastly, I want to expand the Settings menu to make Vody more customizable. I think I might make a suggestions thread every now and then so you guys can post your ideas.

For now, that is all.

ASCII ART by madmin - 2019-12-01 03:47:15 UTC2

Just letting you guys know that you can now post ASCII art by typing 'asciiart' into the [Options] field. It will make your post appear in Courier, which is the standard font for ASCII art.

Stay tuned for more updates.

WELCOME by madmin - 2019-11-22 02:31:06 UTC1

Greetings Vody users!

Thank you guys for bearing with me during all the testing. I can assure you that now the site is finally up and running. This page will be for news and updates on the site. But first, a little info on Vody:

Vody is a simple message board, called a textboard, where people can create threads and post comments with whatever text they want. Vody's formatted for a collaborative community, hence there are no likes or dislikes. Additionally, posts can be made anonymously, so registering an account is not needed. You can go and post right away.

As more users join, I want to add more boards on different topics. That said, if you enjoy the site, tell your friends! Everyone is welcome on Vody, and I hope this site will have an alive and diverse community. I believe greatness can come from the simplest of sites.

Also, please bear in mind that the site is still very primitive. ALL feedback is accepted, so if you have any, post it!

With that said, enjoy the site!